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ADHD is all about falling and bouncing back up again, but this is easier said than done. Are you experiencing difficulties with ADHD related issues and could use a hand? My name is Mark, and I’m here to reassure you that you can change. Today, people struggle to overcome their destructive habits and claim their place in a rapidly changing world. More and more people across the world are looking to climb out of their limiting beliefs and explore new ways of living their best lives.

No matter how stubborn your ‘bad habits’ or limiting beliefs might be, you are not doomed to live with them forever. Some of your most negative habits have a positive intention at their core. I can help you flip the switch and take control. Whether it’s recognizing better choices or reducing negative thoughts and destructive behavior, by working together we can unlock the doors obstructing your success. Anything is possible, with or without ADHD. Sometimes you just need a bit of coaching. As a trained professional, but also as a person that has ADHD I’m convinced you can Bounce Back.


Believing in your own purpose and abilities


Understanding what sets you apart. Build on strengths & values


Taking what life throws at you. You bend, but don’t break


Creating a definition of success. Take steps towards the life you want


Judging in a different perspective

Judging in a different perspective

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You can’t fail if you keep moving

You can’t fail if you keep moving

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Finding a New Hobby As An Adult

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Mark is an inventive collaborator, consistent in his work, open and reliable. A nice guy to work with.
Bounce Back helps me with my plan. I learn how to set achievable goals and in a way that works for me.
At Bounce Back (Mark), I can be myself. He is honest, positive and never tells me what to do.
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Helping people unleash their potential in both their personal lives and their careers is what I’m passionate about. I have always thought that we all need someone watching our back – I want to be the one person that I wish I could have spoken to when I was younger to help me with my personal development.

Through my life and work with ADHD, I have noticed how talented individuals with high expectations preform less. Changing from HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE into WHAT WORKS changes everything. People seem to forget who or what they need to get to where they want to be.

Through my own experience with ADHD and my experience as a teacher and coach, I assist people in exploring new opportunities and developing new skills. I work with people of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Coaching is a joint effort, which can lead to beautiful changes in life. All sessions take place online. Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

Because I only found out later in my life that I have ADHD, I also later became clear why certain things did not work.
A lifetime of not being able to sit still, unfinished projects and really wanting but not being able to. As a physical education teacher it suddenly became clear to me how patient I was for “hyperactive” students. And how much I recognized in their behavior. After I got my diagnosis myself, a period of acknowledgment and acceptance followed to eventually turn it into this company. Every day I try to support others in the wonderful world of ADHD.

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Do you have a question, a comment or do you want to know more about the services of Bounce Back? Then contact me.

Bounce Back

Frans Halsstraat 17
3817 RH Amersfoort
06 33 83 71 81


    What is ADHD?

    Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is a complex brain disorder that impacts approximately 11 percent of children and almost 5 percent of adults in the United States. ADHD causes great difficulty in managing time and focus; many adults and children with the condition are able to concentrate on tasks that interest or intrigue them.

    Attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) presents in three distinct subtypes:
    Primarily hyperactive-impulsive type
    Primarily inattentive type (formerly called ADD)
    Primarily combined type

    ADHD rarely looks the same in any two people. The first signs of ADHD are most commonly diagnosed in grade school — when a child’s lack of focus, forgotten homework, or behavior challenges draw teachers’ attention.
    What Are the most common Symptoms of ADHD?
    The symptoms differ from person to person. ADHD can make you have trouble focusing, remember things and to create chaos in your head. And those are some of the mental struggles. Some fysical symptons are fidgeting with or tapping with hands or feet. Not being able to sit still or losing things all the time.

    ADHD can have a use impact on your life and prevent you from achieving your goals and experiencing success. Of course this is not impossible. The symptoms don’t have to hold you back at all. As an ADHD coach I can help you look at it as a different ability instead of a disability. And more importantly, to look at yourself in a different more positive way.

    When you create a positive mindset about yourself and your ADHD, you can make huge steps towards achieving your goals and that success.

    ADHD children and

    ADHD is diagnosed with children as well as adults. It can be a bit trickier to diagnose an adult than diagnosing a child because all the criteria are geared towards diagnosing children. Teenagers and adults can experience difficulties studying, at work or socially. As an ADHD coach I help on all these areas.

    ADHD coach Amersfoort

    An ADHD coach helps you overcome your difficulties you experience related to ADHD. If you don’t have an official diagnose (yet) but experience ADHD like problems, you can also contact me of course. Together we will find a way that works for you. Life with ADHD can get easier, and a whole lot more fun.