You can’t fail if you keep moving

You’re not the mistakes you make

Striving for perfection is striving towards failure because sooner or later you’ll face obstacles, setbacks or fall back in old patterns. I would say that taking a misstep isn’t a step backwards, it’s a step forwards. I mean it’s says you’re moving and working on the process. Taking on an active attitude is always better than a passive one, even if this doesn’t immediately leads to the results you have in mind. By making mistakes, (or learning moments), you experience what works and what doesn’t work for you.

You’re not the mistakes you make

Faillures don’t define you as a person. You’re not the mistakes you make, it simply means that you don’t yet have the right knowledge, attitude or behavior to make the choice that leads you to your desired result.

There’s a difference between making mistakes and failing as a person. Don’t confuse who you are and what your self-worth depends on with the results that you produce. Strive to get the most out of it with the knowledge and attitude that you currently have at your disposal, even if this does not immediately create the result that you would like to see. The challenge is to keep going, and to use these mistakes for inspiration, as motivation. Making mistakes is a sign that you’re trying something and you’re working on the process.

Let your mistakes inspire you

Mistakes offer the opportunity for growth. To continue your route, one step wiser. Let your mistakes inspire you, because it reflects your pitfalls and weaknesses; points that you can still work on to further develop yourself.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but enjoy making a mistake or have a relapse because everyone will have them sooner or later. The only way to prevent this is to live so carefully that you don’t try anything at all. And in that case you actually really failed. Your mistakes don’t define your success.

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