Glorious ADHD Wordvomit


I don’t know what to write about today, so I’m allowing you in on my ADHD mind. Word vomit incoming.

I believe the ancient pyramids have answers to a lost human civilization.

  • Seriously. The pyramids were not built by slaves, all evidence points away from that. The blocks are so disgustingly big that they couldn’t have been carried or dragged. There’s a human civilization, that most likely were Egyptians, we know nothing about any longer. Why? It’s hard to say, but I’d like to blame the ego. Someone, at some point, destroyed the evidence of the existing of said civilization. Sad!

I believe George Bush played a huge role in how the 9/11 attacks were executed.

  • No conspiracy. Just the fact that the WWC was built with the highest caliber of steel (Donald Trump’s comment after the towers fell). The Aircraft that flew into the towers, a Boeing 767, had experienced contractors puzzled about how it’s weight could make the towers collapse. Interesting, right?

I believe God is within every human being, there’s no being that snapped his/her fingers to create Adam & Eve… duh.

  • God to me, is the space of being conscious about consciousness. It’s the stillness of the present moment, the only moment in which we live. Even though we are excited/stress/worried about the future, the future also happens in the present moment. Being in touch with said sense, knowing that Now is the only second I will ever experience, is God to me.

I believe religion has caused more wars than peace.

  • Moving on.

I believe relationships are very hard to build, but as humans, if we’re not building relationships, we’re looking for someone to do it with.

  • At least that’s reality for myself. If I hadn’t found a girlfriend like the one I have, I would be looking for one like her. Humans need love, not only self-love, but the kind of love that makes you feel like you matter. The warmth in the heart that makes you feel loved and cared for. Why do you think the night-life industry is so profitable?

I believe the human mind can easily be controlled by fear, our world leaders know that.

  • Moving on.

I believe life is eternal.

  • And the reason I do is because energy is eternal. Energy does not dissolve. Humans are, in their essence, created by energy. When a human dies, a whole world dies. But as the body decomposes, the energy lives on.

I believe it is possible to make a living doing ANY hobby.

  • Are you passionate about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, growing pumpkins, or shoelaces? If you’re truly passionate about it, you could make a living off of it. The internet accepts everything. Kids are making millions of dollars playing with slime on YouTube. Read that sentence again, understand you can do it to, go find what you love, start making videos about it. You’re welcome.

I believe humans are happier when they get to do what they enjoy doing.

  • That’s what we’re all trying to do, really. We’re trying to be happy. Even though you have a shit cubicle job and are being told what to do, you’re just trying to be happy. To pay your bills, afford the things you truly want to do and to put food in your body. But when you look at it, when you go to YouTube and you see people talking and doing the things they truly enjoy, they also seem happier, more energetic and motivated to wake up every morning. The world has changed, friends. There’s no need to do shit you don’t want to do anymore. We have the internet. Understand it. Do something about your own well-being. People cared for a freaking day after the pop legend Prince died. ONE DAY! No one is going to give a shit when you die. Go do what you love. This life was given to you for you to do what you love, not to obey instructions.

I believe you are accountable for how you react to any situation that happens in your life.

  • You can’t control what happens to you, you can control how you you react to it. Therefore, you are accountable for how you react to any situation. It’s easy to point fingers, to blame others for how you are feeling. But your feelings are YOUR feelings. No one is responsible for giving me any feelings, I am. My reaction to what happens to me is what gives me feelings, not what happens to me. A lesson I learned the hard way, and that has been hard to keep. We’re emotional beings. But we’re also in control. And that’s all that matters.

I believe kindness is the best gift you can give to anyone.

  • I’ve questioned how I kind show kindness at scale. My vision for the human experiment is that we’re all going to be One. We’ll all have a Planetary passport, allowing us to go to any country for any reason. We’ll all benefit from the resources of the planet that we share. So how do I start building that? By emitting kind energy. How do I do that at scale? Treat everyone with kindness, regardless of situation. Treat myself with kindness, regardless of situation. Smile to as many people you make eye-contact with as possible. I’m not there yet, but I’m sure as hell on the way.



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