How I developed the courage to chase my dreams

chase my dreams

Part 1

The story really starts before I was born, when my Chilean parents moved to Norway in 1988. I was born 5 years after, in 1993.

We didn’t have a good relationship growing up, my parents and I, but because of that I got to experience life and give it personal input from the early age of 17. In Norway, the social system had me covered. Even though I left home early I knew the government would take care of me. That was my first leap of faith, leaving my parents house, against their will, to pursue a happier tomorrow.

That was the best decision I ever took.

From that day I’ve experienced the happiest moments of life and the most critical a human being can experience. I’ve fought back suicidal thoughts on two different occasions, followed by events I didn’t know how to handle.

Those moments of total misery brought the heaviest learning lessons. Lessons that would help me grow to the emotionally strong young man I am today. I’ve learned how to value my own opinions of my Self first, how to detect damaging thoughts lingering in the unconsciousness and how to put myself in positions to succeed.

On top of this roller coaster of a young life I’ve also developed the doubt of my mind being neuro-typical. I truly believe I have lived with ADHD my entire life without having it diagnosed. I still haven’t gotten it diagnosed, but everything I read, all videos I see and all the people that know me say that it is highly likely that I have the condition. My girlfriend and I moved to Asia yesterday, more specifically the island of Bali. I got an appointment with psychologists in Norway to uncover my doubt of ADHD, but unfortunately I will be in Asia at the time of the appointment. I will have to wait until November or December.

Never the less, I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Travel to unknown places working on my passion to become a better storyteller through film-making, blogs and content for the various social platforms of our time. Having a rather unusual personal story I find it simple to express what I have experienced and how I have related to the experiences the universe have given me. Some say everything happens for a reason, I say it doesn’t matter what happens to you, only how you react to it. That piece of wisdom has served me incredibly well in the journey of life.

One more piece of wisdom I would like to share before I round up:


Life is long. I’m only 25. With today’s technology one can only imagine how fast is will develop in the next 10-20-30 years. Who knows, maybe there will be a small chip-device you can inject on the inside of your skin that tells you all you vital signs and alerts the app on your phone. When you should drink water, exercise or take your iron pills. With a device like that we will live longer than humanity has every seen. I predict I will live until I am 150 years of human age. I’ll keep you posted about this 😉

But patience… No reason to rush. One step at a time. If there were not enough hours today, tomorrow will come. Schedule. Plan. Structure. I’m currently working on implementing this practice to keep track of my ideas, plans and tasks I need to complete.

Thank you Bounce Back for giving us this immense opportunity to grow, share our thoughts, feelings and everything a human being needs to feel fulfilled and happy.

You rock!

Love, Felipe <3

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